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When you say that you're addicted to a drug, what you really mean is that constant exposure to the drug in question has resulted in physical changes to your brain. As a result of these changes, your brain has internalized a permanent, positive attachment to the idea of drug use. Your brain has also adapted to the presence of the drug in your system. When you need to attempt to quit an addiction, these effects come into play, and it's important to find a way to deal with them. What follows is a short explanation of drug detox, the medically accepted way of doing so. If you have questions, you can call us at our drug detox in Georgetown.

How Does Quitting Addiction Affect the Brain?

The brain functions through precise control of several critical neurotransmitters and other chemicals. Should anything happen to rapidly change the brain's chemical balance, it can destabilize the brain as it attempts to achieve equilibrium.

This is what happens when you attempt to stop using drugs. It takes the brain weeks to regain chemical equilibrium. All the while, you go through some very painful, disturbing and life-threatening symptoms called withdrawal symptoms.

Alcohol and sedatives: Withdrawal can result in physical pain, and also anxiety, depression and agitation. Serious cases involving long-standing addictions can involve seizures and cardiac arrest.

Cocaine and heroin: While these are very different drugs, they share similarities in the area of withdrawal symptom. Neither produces symptoms as serious as with alcohol. Addicts experience depression, tiredness, insomnia and agitation. Cravings can be strong. With cocaine, many people experience nightmares. With heroin, cold flashes and muscular restlessness are a challenge.

Methamphetamine: Addicts tend to experience intolerable cravings. Tiredness, depression and anxiety are frequently felt, as well.

Whether or not the drug in question produces dangerous side effects, it's important to remember that safety is only one aim of detox. The suppression of pain, discomfort and cravings is important, as well.

These symptoms can be so maddening, they can often keep addicts from even trying to quit. The best and safest way to quit a drug habit is to enter treatment at a center for drug detox.

What Does Drug Detox Offer?

Treatment received at good drug detox centers, whose programs adhere to modern medical standards, offers safety and a better chance of both short-term success and long-term success.

Undergoing withdrawal at a drug detox center, patients can count on constant support, a pain-free experience, a handle on cravings and therapy, and psychiatric care. Each one of these components is vital to the success of the venture.

Detox at an Inpatient Facility

Inpatient treatment programs in Georgetown is very inexpensive, more so than most other treatment facilities. There is a great deal more medical care and supervision offered. These can be critical to the success of the detox effort in many cases.

Dual diagnosis: Three out of four addicts suffer from a mental disorder. Not only does a co-occurring mental disorder make it harder for a person to come off addiction, it can return him to addiction, as well, once rehab concludes. In addition, it can be very hard to treat either condition separately.

Both addiction rehabs and psychiatrists tend to reject such cases. Care for such patients with dual diagnosis in Georgetown is available with inpatient arrangements.

Greater care and therapy: Inpatient rehabs have the time to build personalized treatment plans from the ground up for each patient. They have the time to deploy them, constantly supervise patients, and offer intensive therapy. Addicts can come out in far better shape when it's an inpatient clinic.

Inpatient detox, then, makes far more sense in most cases. If you have questions about the kind of rehab that is likeliest to work in a particular case, you should speak to an expert. If you have questions, you should call us at our drug detox in Georgetown.

There is considerable mythology that surrounds the subject of drug detox treatment. It is important for patients to know how to distinguish between good treatment centers and ones of questionable worth.

Making sure that the rehab you go to is certified, is one good step. Speaking to experts as well as patients who have already accepted treatment there are both good ways to ensure that you are on the right track.

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