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When you begin to look at addiction rehabs for yourself or for a loved one, you're likely to come up against two alternatives -- inpatient care and outpatient care. How do you choose -- especially when inpatient care is more expensive? What follows is a short explanation of the inpatient option. If you have questions, you only need to call us at our inpatient rehab in Georgetown.

Visible Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Structure: To an addict, lack of order or discipline is a major life challenge. An open-ended day with no responsibilities that need to be fitted in at specific times, can mean a drifting mind, and a general listlessness that encourages addictive behavior.

Our inpatient rehab offers treatment programs in Georgetown through scheduled, day-by-day structure. There are specific times to do everything, and time through the day is punctuated with consultations with psychiatrists, addiction specialists and psychological therapists. A healthy and well-designed diet and exercise regimen add to the overall feeling of productive organization. Structure is a healthy influence on the life of an addict.

Support and supervision: The supervised, drug-free environment of an inpatient rehab center can be immensely beneficial, simply for the reason the addict doesn't need to constantly exercise self-supervision. There is a greater degree of confidence experienced, simply because the addict knows that with outside supervision, chances of failure are simply lower.

Support is an important part of the inpatient experience, as well. Not only can recovering addicts speak to therapists and addiction specialists at any time, there is a great deal camaraderie experienced with fellow patients. Since addiction is a psychological disorder, such confidence and support can be very important, indeed.

Pain: The prospect of painful withdrawal is one of the reasons why many people addicted to drugs resist a drug rehab in Georgetown. Inpatient rehab for addiction, with its constant attention by medical staff, offers the greatest assurance of any rehab method, of a pain-free experience.

Perseverance: Outpatient care comes with freedom -- every moment is an opportunity to choose to quit. It's an opportunity many actually take advantage of. Inpatient rehab simply makes it harder, psychologically, for patients to quit. It can be a very good thing. There are studies that point to how nearly 90% of inpatient addicts stay to complete their courses, whereas only 47% of those in outpatient programs ever complete treatment.

Psychological benefits: When people enroll in inpatient care, they simply take it more seriously. Even more importantly, they are able to exclusively focus on getting better, without being distracted by everyday responsibilities.

There is a greater amount of therapy: Outpatient care does offer patients therapy, but it rarely matches the level of care available in inpatient rehab, where it often runs through the day. This is tremendously useful, simply because addiction is primarily a psychological disorder.

Seek Our Quality Inpatient Rehab in Georgetown

Inpatient rehabs are not all created equal. Many only employ a small number of caregivers, nurses and medical practitioners, for example. This means that when a patient needs help with a painful symptom or with anything else, care takes a while coming.

It may be completely unavailable at certain times, such as at night. In some cases, inpatient rehab centers attempt to sell themselves on luxury, rather than quality of care provided.

It's important to investigate what exactly is offered. Inpatient rehab does offer important benefits, but only if you find a good facility.

A good rehab isn't easy to find. It's important to look before you buy. One of the best tests -- finding out if a rehab is fully open to being researched. If a rehab will give out appointments, give tours, and allow conversations with residents and alumni, it's a good sign that they understand and appreciate quality care. It's the way we are here at our center for inpatient rehab in Georgetown.

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